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Become a Speaker at Testing United 2020

2020 Programme Chair: Raj Subrameyer

raj subrameyer testing united 2020

Raj is a Speaker, Writer and Tech Career Coach at ChaiLatte Consulting. He helps developer tools and/or services companies build awareness, increase organic website traffic, and generate leads through content creation and social influencer marketing. He also provides tech career coaching to help professionals reach the next phase in their career paths and is a sought after speaker for various events. He actively contributes thought leadership and enrichment to the software community through conference talks, contributed articles, blogs and youtube videos, where he shares development, testing, leadership, self-improvement and productivity experiences gained through various life experiences. You can read Raj’s expertise on his personal website He can be reached at, or follow him on twitter – @epsilon11.

From our Programme Chair, Raj Subrameyer:


Welcome to Testing United 2020 conference taking place at Cubex Centre Prague, the winner of the 9th Global Eventex Award for best new venue. The theme of this year’s conference is “Becoming Superheroes: Lessons Learned in Software Testing”. We are focusing on real life stories of failures and lessons learned in your testing journey; including those related to data, privacy and security. I am your program chair Raj Subrameyer and I am honored, humbled and privileged to be leading a team of thought leaders and influencers in putting together a great conference program, with the ultimate goal of inspiring people.

What we are looking for?

Based on the above story, you may have already guessed what we are looking for from our speakers. 

  • We want to hear inspiring stories of how you and your team noticed problems and tried different approaches to solve them.
  • We want to hear your successes and failures and learn from your story. 
  • We want to get inspired and get new ideas from how you and your team ultimately came out on top solving problems and becoming superheroes. 
  • In addition, we are looking for stories specifically related to protecting ourselves against attacks on data, security and privacy. This is an important component of this year’s theme.


The above aspects cut across all industries such as Banking, Finance, IT, Medicine, E-Commerce, Retail and technologies such as AI, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Computer Vision, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality and much more. So, we encourage anyone who has inspirational stories to submit proposals for Testing United 2020.

What we are not looking for?

  • You read a book or a blog post, and want to share the information with others.
  • You fill up the slides with content and read from it.
  • You are using the talk to promote your products and services.
  • You have fancy and complicated diagrams to share with the audience.
  • You submit a talk with the word “Lesson Learned…” just to grab our attention.
  • You copy another person’s work and share it as yours.
  • You use Testing United stage to promote your agenda not related to the theme of the conference.
Submission Guidelines


Proposal Submission:

Please include the following items in your proposal:

  • Title of the talk.
  • Main Message – Within 100 words outline the main idea, concept or message of your talk.
  • Abstract – Give details about your talk, preferably having some of the below details:
    • A brief introduction about the topic. This could be giving details about your environment, project and anything relevant to introducing your talk
    • What problems you were facing?
    • How you solved those problems?
    • Lessons Learned from this experience
    • What will you share with the attendees?
  • Key Takeaways – List 3-5 key takeaways from your talk that would be useful to the attendees.
  • Speaker Experience – Highlight your experience in the chosen topic. Mention any links to previous talks, articles you have written or any information that would help us get an idea about your experience in sharing knowledge with the outside world (It is OK if you don’t have any).
  • All talks will be in English.



  • Anything else you want the reviewers to know about you.
  • Video introducing your talk (Bonus Points) – Anyone who submits a video introducing the talk gets bonus points for showing courage, determination and putting effort in doing something different.


Slide submission:

Once your proposal is selected, speakers will be requested to submit an initial draft of their slides closer to the conference date. The slide deck needs to follow the below guidelines:


  • Not more than 3-5 bullet points on a slide.
  • Each bullet point needs to be 5 words or less.
  • If not using bullet points, restrict word content to 5 words on each slide
  • Not more than 20 slides for the entire talk. The duration of talk is 45 minutes + 10 minutes for questions
  • Speaker notes section in Powerpoint and Keynote is a very helpful tool. Please use that space to note down your talking points for each point in the slide instead of loading up the slide with content.
  • Images used in the slides need to be appropriate for the conference audience who tend to be people looking to learn and get inspired.
  • Humor in slides is encouraged but keep the audience personas in mind.

What comes with being a Speaker?

Every speaker receives a full 2 day conference ticket, invite to the speakers’ dinner and networking event.


Deadline for submissions is February 29th, 2020 (Yes, it is a leap year and it is very exciting!)
The language of the conference is English, please submit your proposals in English language.


We are looking forward to reviewing your proposals and giving a stage to inspire people

In case of any questions please contact us at:


Be Grateful, Stay Inspired,

Your Programme Chair,

Raj Subrameyer

Raj Subrameyer

Programme Chair

Jana Veselá

Programme Committee Member

Ron Werner

Programme Committee Member

Petr Neugebauer

Programme Committee Member

Peter Svoboda

Programme Committee Member