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Become a Speaker at Testing United

2019 Programme Chair: Rik Marselis

About Rik:

This year’s programme chair of the Testing United conference is Rik Marselis. He is a testing expert from the Netherlands. When he started as a Cobol programmer in 1980 he already learned that a program isn’t finished until there’s a test set with it. The millennium-bug was what made him focus entirely on IT-quality and testing. Today Rik is a well-appreciated presenter, trainer, author, consultant and coach in the world of testing. Rik works for Sogeti (part of Capgemini) and he is a fellow of Sogeti’s R&D network SogetiLabs. These R&D activities result in white-papers, presentations, tutorials, articles and blogs about IT in general and testing in particular. Lately Rik mainly focuses on the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics on the testing profession.

Apart from his work as a management consultant at technology leader Sogeti, he has contributed to many initiatives in the world of testing. The last 9 years he has been a Board Member of TestNet (with 1900 members, this is probably the largest independent non-profit association of testers in the world) and he is a workgroup-member (and former board-member) of ISTQB.

Rik has made large contributions to the following books: TestGrip (2007), TMap NEXT BDTM (2008), TPI NEXT (2009), PointZERO (2012), Quality Supervision (2012), Neil’s Quest for Quality (2014). Besides this he made smaller contributions to 12 other books on testing and IT-quality from 1999 to 2016. In 2018 his latest book “Testing in the digital age; AI makes the difference”, written together with Tom van de Ven and Humayun Shaukat, was published.

From our Programme Chair, Rik Marselis: 

“Testing United aims at uniting IT professionals interested in the testing profession, whether they see themselves as testers, developers, users or whatever function-title. It is all about skills, knowledge and visions on the awesome testing profession.

It’s my honour and privilege to be this year’s programme chair. The testing profession is ever growing and I’m delighted that this conference, in the centre of Europe, will give you the opportunity to share your views and to get new knowledge from fellow-testers. But also it enables you to exchange visions, dive deep into testing topics and (above all) enjoy yourself together with like-minded people.

Our venue is the Expedithalle in the centre of Vienna, Austria where we’ll have 2 days of testing unity on 7 and 8 November 2019.”

The theme of this year’s conference is

Borders between industries are diminishing. How does this impact testing?

with a focus on changes in the approach to systems, integration, data processing and communication testing in various contexts such as IT, automotive and Industry 4.0.

We believe it is important to allow our speakers as much freedom as possible in choosing their topics. But we would like to point out our preferences to steer the discussions toward a common conference goal.

This year’s topics should include insights into:

  • new technologies spearheading today’s digital transformation and globalization;
  • interconnection of industries or provide testers with a new look on their current and future work.


Please feel free to apply and we will gladly look how it could fit in the conference programme.

Submit your proposal below and make sure your submission includes a completely filled in Speaker Submission Form, which comprises of:

  • Contact Information (phone and email);
  • Presentation Title;
  • Main Message – One sentence outlining the main idea, concept, or message of your talk;
  • Your motivation – Few sentences about why would you like to present your theme;
  • An abstract of the topic – Minimum 300 words – must include Audience Prerequisites (if any), Intended Audience, Key Takeaways, Flow of content, Brief Description of any case studies included;
  • A speaker profile (about 250 words) clearly highlighting the author’s experience and expertise in the chosen topic;
  • (Optional) Link to a video of a prior speaking engagement.


OPTIONAL: Please support your submission with presentation slides in powerpoint format (sending a presentation with your proposal is optional). Guidelines for the slide deck of the presentation:

  • The presentation should take 45 minutes +10 minutes time for questions;
  • About 20 slides of core content (additional explanations for the slides can be added to the notes section);
  • Lettering of core content to be at least Size 20+ font;
  • Ideally – six (6) lines per slide;
  • Please restrict usage of images / graphics which are only for ornamental purposes at this selection stage. These can be added to the final slide sets of selected speakers;
  • You may use the notes option in PowerPoint to elucidate certain points.


Our conference is free-to-speak (you don’t have to pay to speak like on some other conferences) and every speaker receives full 2 day conference ticket with Networking Event on November 7th and also speaker’s dinner on November 6th.

Deadline for submissions is February 28th, 2019.


After acceptance of your submission you may improve your slide deck, in which case it will then be reviewed again by the programme committee.

In case of any question contact us at: or +421 911 365 779

I look forward to reviewing your proposals and to meeting you at Testing United in Vienna in November!

Rik Marselis

Testing United 2019 Conference Programme Chair

Programme Commitee

Rik Marselis

Programme Chair

Peter Zimmerer

Programme Committee

Jana Zientková

Programme Committee

Peter Svoboda

Programme Committee