Alon Linetzki
Founder and CEO at QualityWize
Alon Linetzki, Founder and CEO of QualityWize™, has been an expert in SW engineering, Quality Assurance and Testing for the last three decades, supporting organizations in improving their quality, development and testing processes, increasing R&D ROI, and implementing good practices in context uniquely tailored to customer’s business, technology and engineering needs.

In the last 10 years, Alon serves as an Agile Coach, supporting companies in their Agile Transformation, and implementing good SW engineering practices while so.

He is a certified agile scrum master, certified system analyst, certified ISTQB® Advanced Level Test Analyst & Test Manager, certified Lead Quality Auditor (ISO-9000), Certified CMMi Quality Engineer, TMMi Assessor (pending), and more. He has experience working in the – Telecom, Military, Insurance, Banking & Finance and Medical domains.

He was the co-author of the ISTQB® Foundation Level Agile Tester certification syllabus, and is a co-author of the ISTQB® Advanced Level Technical Agile Tester certification syllabus.

Alon has co-founded ITCB® (the ISTQB® Israeli branch), where he serves voluntarily as Vice president and marketing director. Alon is also the ISTQB® worldwide Marketing WG Chair. He has founded and is the chair of the Sigist Israel forum (Special interest group in SW testing in Israel). Alon is the chair of the Agile Management Challenges forum in Israel.

Has a B.Sc. in Statistics, and MBA program (Cum Laude).

A popular speaker at international conferences and events, where he shares his ideas and experience with professionals and managers worldwide. Recently, speaker and conference facilitator of the IoT & Security at SCE University (Academia meets Industry).

Alon is publishing regularly in the Testing World magazine in Israel, and other magazines around the world. From time to time, Alon is invited by the SCE University to speak about Industry hot quality, SW engineering and testing topics to 1st and 2nd degree students.

Speech #1: The Multidisciplinary Test Engineer - Is that a future necessity?

In the presentation Alon Linetzji will like to discuss the Multidisciplinary aspects in the knowledge and skills of the test engineer and from which challenges they are derived from.

Speech #2: IoT Challenges & Testing aspects

A lot of discussions are made today on the exponential rise of Internet of Things (IoT) and its impacts on our lives, industry, and the way we do business. That is why we should be prepared, and be discussing those impacts and how we should be doing testing differently (or not?) when this technology will penetrate many fields of implementation.

In this short session, Alon Linetzki, CEO & Founder of QualityWize™ will discuss the history and rise of the IoT, the challenges we are facing in IoT based systems, plus some impacts on testing.

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