Antoine Craske
Engineering Center Director
Antoine is passionate about strategy, innovation, technology and systems. He is leading the engineering teams at La Redoute in Portugal, that have evolved to cross-functional and platform teams while quadrulpling in size. Their main focus is to accelerate business transformation through DevOps, streaming architecture, microservices, self-service devex, automation… Active within technology communities, blogging on, organizer of Tech Meetup in Leiria and contributing to open-source projects. You can reach him through LinkedIn or twitter @acraske_.

Speech title: The Road to 96% Successful Daily Web Deploy with 6500+ Automated Tests

When your main customer experience evolves through digitalisation, the pressure to deliver faster and realiable software changes do increase. In this context, we had to review completely our delivery process and test activity for our web platform. We iterate over 5 years on our organisation, practices, processes and tools to reach a daily deliveries at 96% success rate. Reducing our cycle-time is supported by 6500+ automated tests running in less than a hour.

In this talk, I will share our journey and learnings in relation to testing strategy, shift-left organisation, continuous improvement and system thinking.  
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