Dana Aonofriesei
Head of Product Quality at Trustpilot
Challenging the status quo!This is how I learn and bring value. I started my career in Technology 7 years ago and during this time I tried different roles and assignments, as Quality Assurance Engineer, Software Analyst, Scrum Master, Head of Product Quality in areas like banking, eprocurement, trust economy. Almost 2 years ago, I started a beautiful journey with Trustpilot - a very well known and respected startup in the Nordics, acting in Trust economy where, together with Engineers, we challenge the status quo in software quality approaches. I do CrossFit for fun :)

Speech title: Enhance and/or replace Testing with Monitoring, Data Analysis and Anomaly detection

I will share in my talk a Product Quality approach where software testing is enhanced and/or replaced with Data Analysis, Monitoring and Anomaly detection, with NO Testers embedded in Product Teams, where testing becomes monitoring, with a Product Quality hub equipped with practices collected from Data Analytics and Operations. The talk is addressed to all levels (engineers and managers, from juniors to senior level) You will learn how Operations mindset can help Testing; how to use Monitoring & Alerting practices in test automation and product quality; how to apply data analytics and data science in testing and product quality.  
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