Elena-Claudia Ivan
Agile Tester
Elena is a passionate and curious tester, living in Munich, Germany, and originally from Romania. She believes in “team work makes the dream work” and sees our work as testers as being Sherlock Holmes all the time, and who doesn’t love a good mystery? Her favourite TV series is Sherlock and she found a passion for baking, more than two years ago. Since then, she is trying new recipes regularly and bringing treats and cakes to her team.

She is known for being a perfectionist and careful to details, which can prove to be a blessing in disguise, depending on the situation. Testing web and mobile applications for more than 7 years, she loves her job, because it is always something new to learn. She participated to the first testing conference back in 2017, and since then, she got to know and be involved in the QA community all over the world. You can find her on Twitter under the handle @elenaa_ivan.

Speech title: Be your own superhero! - A tester’s learning journey over 2000km

My testing journey began some years ago, when I got my first job as a QA working student. Little did I know back then about testing, software development lifecycle, or team work. Growing in the position over the years, learning testing techniques and tools, noticing the problems different teams are facing, I grew more and more passionate about testing and Agile, and decided to move abroad, from Romania to Germany, in a new team, a new job, a new city.

Moving to a new country had its own difficulties, and I realise now I didn’t know what I was getting into! From cultural differences to language barriers or finding a flat, there were lots of low points in my journey, as well as high points. Mastering these lows was the real challenge. It’s a few years later now and I am eager to share my story with you, as I am certain it will inspire you to learn something new, and I am hoping it will encourage you to take your first step on your own learning journey tomorrow. I will share what I learned as a tester from this experience and how it improved my testing skills. While learning to grow professionally as a tester, I was exploratory testing my own life, which in turn made me what I am today. The main takeaway of this journey, is that each of us is their own superhero and we all have a story to tell, a unique story which makes us who we are today.  
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