Ewald Roodenrijs
Principal Consultant Quality Engineering & Assurance at Cognizant
Ewald is employed by Cognizant. Currently he’s the principal consultant responsible for Continental Europe for QA & Testing. He's been a forerunner in the field of test innovation for the last 12 years. Ewald has been working on different (global) test innovations like testing clouds, model-based services, full application lifecycle testing, and using new media in testing. In the field as a manager or consultant he’s always been working in the ‘grey’ area between IT and Business. In 2011 Ewald won an internal Innovation Award in Testing. He also co-authored books on QA and Testing in IT, he speaks at conferences around the world, authored various national and international articles in expert magazines and created various training courses.

Speech title: Implement Continuous Testing in an organization

In this talk you will hear about lessons learned from moving towards autonomous testing in a large organization. Movement towards Digital can't happen without high quality software, and software testing matters more than ever for Value-at-Speed. Dual Shift strategy is mandatory to move towards an pyramid test strategy; Testers need to augment their intelligence with new technologies. This talk is suitable for Test Managers, Test Consultants, Senior Testers.  
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