Fabian Dittrich
CEO of Helpando.it
After working for several startups, a crazy coincidence brought Fabian to Zendesk, where he spent two exciting years as a very happy and dedicated employee. Yet, eventually, he created his own company Helpando. Despite immediate success, Fabian soon lacked the sense of adventure and decided to convert Helpando into a nomad company, running his business from an old Land Rover. The whole thing turned into Startupdiaries – driving 20.000km from Argentina to Colombia and meeting people who redefine work along the way. After being featured in Wired and several other tech publications, he became a public speaker talking about the future of work and how technology can improve life quality if we let go of established but questionable organizational structures. In the last three years, Fabian worked with 300+ international clients, among them Microsoft, Intel and Virgin Atlantic. He was never sitting in an office, instead he worked from his Land Rover Defender, fitted with solar panels, a fridge, cooking facilities and a flip-down stand up desk on the back door. He spent 2015 crossing South America in this Rover-turned-mobile-office, working on the road or conducting calls from petrol stations and random desert cyber cafés. Since then, he has visited more than 50 countries across 3 continents, traveling, working and exploring. In his talk, Fabian explains how he makes that possible and why the future of work is probably not happening in an office anymore.  
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