Geoffrey v.d. Tas & Marta Woźniak-Semeniuk
Geoffrey became Dutch Software Testing Champion in 2018. He did a keynote with more than 750 people in the room. Geoffrey walked up to Everest Base Camp & climbed up Mnt Kala Pathar to 5.643m high.

Marta has MA in Czech philology, holds 3 ISTQB certificates and an accounting diploma. Portraits she took were displayed as part of an photography exhibition.This year she became a teacher at WSB university Wrocław.

Geoffrey & Marta both love Startrek and that is something that brought them together at a testing conference.
Speech title: Learn from a famous detective duo to improve your testing skills

During this talk we will discover how Sherlock Holmes and Dr. James Watson do their job. How do they solve crimes? How do they spot so many details? How do they process the great amount of information? How do they organize important information from the rest? And what made them as an effective duo? So that we can become better testers! This talk is for anyone involved in testing software and/or raising quality. So testers, developers, engineers feel welcome!

You will learn:

• How to become an effective team

• How to detect and see the smallest things

• How to process information effectively

• How to do your own deductions

• How to find the truth and don't get misled by false information

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