Joel Montvelisky
Product & Solution Architect - PractiTest
Joel is a Co-Founder and Chief Solution Architect at PractiTest. He has been in testing and QA since 1997, working as a tester, QA Manager and Director, and a Consultant for companies in Israel, the US and Europe. Joel is also a blogger with the QA Intelligence Blog, and is constantly imparting webinars on a number of testing and Quality Related topics. In addition to this, Joel is also the founder and Chair of the OnlineTestConf, and he is also the co-founder of the State of Testing survey and report. Joel is also a conference speaker, presenting in various conferences and forums world wide, among them the Star Conferences, CAST, QA&Test, and more.
Speech title: The New Skill Set for the New QA Specialist

As we are moving more towards testing specialists in teams and organizations that are truly adopting DevOps, we need to understand that the skills that were relevant up to now will need some changes (and sometimes even drastic changes) in order to keep providing value to the process. In this session we will review how the reality is moving and shifting, and how can we make sure to adapt to it, in order to provide the value required by our teams.  
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