Marcel Kwakernaak
Test Manager / Implementation Lead
I am QA professional with over 20 years of experience in Testing. I help companies to deliver products that matter, focus on quality and value consistently and raising innovative capabilities while doing so. The right product in the right way. Hands-on QA and Test expert. Practical Agile coach & DevOps evangelist. Test Automation and CI/CD lead. Experienced in User Story Mapping, Specification by Example, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development (BDD), CI/CD, Scaled Agile Integration, Release Train Frameworks and Kata Improvement Cycles. I support individuals and teams to develop an end-user value driven mind-set, find the MVP (or most valuable increment) , pinpoint key test case examples, truly practice test driven development, take ownership of CI/CD pipelines and tools and deliver integrated MVP releases that are meaningful to the end-user. Motto: Trying-out over thinking-out, fail fast, and if it is difficult, practice more often. Teams with an open mind and understanding of the end user that explore, discover and experiment will deliver more value at a higher pace.

Biggest achievement: Help transform product driven teams & organizations and into - sustainable - value driven organizations Fun fact: I actually ride my bike more than 10.000 kilometers a year, fully living up to the dutch image.
Speech title: How Value Driven Development can help you to create sustainable user value

Many development teams fail to understand what users will value. This seriously limits their ability to create value for their users and their business. These teams focus on the quality of the product they own, try to figure out how technology works and intend to increase their velocity to deliver ever more output. The complete opposite approach is teams that learn to focus on the value for the user, that try to figure out how users work first and that intend to increase their ability to create sustainable value.

We need our development teams to transform and become value driven. This is the next evolutionary step forward since DevOps. A working product is useless when it is not being used, a quality product is pointless when it is not being used and basically a complete waste of time and effort. Our DevOps teams must become customer centric instead of developer centric. The must have regular contacts with real end users, listen to their stories and collectively explore opportunities. If you can figure out what features are valued by your users, you can change the game and continuously improve the benefits you deliver. If you are curious to learn more, I invite you to join me at my talk and discover how Value Driven Development can help you to create sustainable user value.

Key takeaway: Testers are key to transform product driven teams into value driven teams. They have the skill to communicate with end users, try out opportunities, discover valuable solutions and learn. Now they need to step forward, speak up and help their teams to take the next step and become value driven.  
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