Merlin Quintin
Director QA Engineering
I am a Passionate, People focused, Experienced & Results-driven Technology Executive in Quality Engineering with 20 plus years of diverse expertise. I have been leading Quality Engineering and DevOps transformation in Technology enabling the businesses to provide seamless high quality consumer experience with their products & services. Worked at redbox for over a decade to establish a wide range of evolution starting with building the quality team in 2008 until 2020 transforming quality team in adopting test automation and devops. A thought leader in engineering inspiring focus toward possibilities, re-inventing quality engineering in every opportunity and literally making the word "Challenge" be re-spelled as "Opportunity".

Speech title: Quality in (R)evolution

DevOps transformation has startled multitude of quality assurance professionals to foresee them becoming obsolete if they cannot code. My message is to provide a thoughtful inspiration promising possibilities. Provide a perspective template to pursue with confidence alignment to the new vision and trust evolution by methodically approaching Change and its expectations. Some key aspects are nothing more than going back to the roots & simple basic outlook however that which generates unimaginable positive outcome. Sometimes all we need is a strong voice telling you. "It is possible, It is doable", I am offering my voice to do that for you.

In this Topic "Quality in (R)evolution I will share with you my Story, my Recommendations, a People focused approach to instilling the ray of possibility to evolve yourself as quality in technology evolves.  
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