Milan Mitosinka
Head of Mobile Products & Solutions, VR/AR and IoT at Cleverlance
Expert in the field of mobile, wearable electronics and IoT, whose motivation is to use these technologies to constantly innovate software solutions and products. Attempting to enrich conventional products with a piece of software and hardware that could make it more efficient to sell and work as such is the way to the future in which he sees great potential.


Testing of IoT and related technologies, considering E2E approach & Security

New technologies come with new forms of testing, strong synergies and a lot of cross- technology testing. In those kinds of projects, we have to consider how they will become all E2E, in terms of requirements from POs, technological borders…, and prepare a suitable testing strategy to meet the desired quality of the final product. The presentation will focus on explaining the scope of the projects, steps done and the results. The closing part of the presentation will focus on the idea of how to approach E2E testing in the field of new technologies.

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