Nadia Soledad Cavalleri
CEO at ArgenTesting
Nadia lives in Buenos Aires. She is an information systems engineer and psychologist. She obtained IBM - Rational Functional Tester for Java Scripting certification. Nadia has been working in Testing for more than 12 years. She is the co-founder of BoundLess where she works as Operation and Quality Manger. She is also founder of Argentesting, the Argentinian testing congress. She often writes for magazines and gives talks in international conferences. She teaches at schools, universities, and companies. Nadia has a YouTube channel and also has a blog. She was the south American Judge at the Software Testing World Cup.
Speech title: Testing applications for children

Testing applications for children is very different from testing applications for adults. We have to consider more aspects and we have to focus on others quality attributes. One of the reasons is that children are still in the process of development. So, their abilities are not comparable with ours. They write more slowly, most of them do not read, they have little precision in the use of the mouse, etc. As a result, the testing of this type of applications requires focusing on certain aspects that we do not use to consider when we are testing applications for adults. But there is an additional complexity. Not all children are in the same development stage. A 2 years-old child is very different from another 7 years-old child. The challenge here is developing and testing a software whose users cannot or do not know how to do the same things. For example, not all of them read at the same level. In fact, not everyone can read. Our system should be able to support all this heterogeneity of users. Of course, all of this affects the testing strategy. In this talk we will see how all this impacts in the testing process and why mobile, performance, usability and accessibility testing become more important.  
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