Natalia Pletneva
QA Engineer at Okko
Natalia is a QA Engineer at Okko, a premium VOD service in Russia. She has been testing the service on different platforms such as Smart TV, Android, iOS, and PlayStation. Lately, Natalia has been focused mainly on the backend testing, functional automated testing and web applications. Along with that, she got a Master's degree and wrote a thesis on Operation Support System/Business Support System in IoT.
Speech title: Transition from monolith to microservices: a dream or tester’s nightmare?

During this talk at Testing United you will see the testing point of view on moving from monolith to microservices. Main problems of testing process in regard to replacing monolith with microservices as well as necessary requirements for microservices architecture, observability, and other development-related features will be discussed.

Understanding what problems you can face with testing during the transition period from monolithic architecture to microservices. Best practices recommendations for microservices development to make testing easier and quality higher.  
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