Nikolay Kuznetsov
Go Developer at Zalando SE
Nikolay led development of 3 new backend microservices. Two of them are in Java and one is in Kotlin. They are backed by Redis, Postgres, Kafka, MSSQL. All services have been successfully deployed to production. He actively contributed to 4 other services handled by the team with continuous deployment to production in 7 data centers.
Speech title: TestContainers + JUnit5 = elegant end-to-end tests for microservices You build it, you run it. But how to deliver faster to production with a less risk of breaking a microservice platform? This talk suggests to perform automatic tests of crucial business flows across several services. They are started in Docker with a help of TestContainers and JUnit5. This talk suggests to perform automatic testing of the release candidate against other real services started in Docker. TestContainers library facilitates simple start up of services and their dependencies, i.e. (No)SQL databases in containers. The lib has a list of valuable features which significantly simplify a developer’s life.  
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