R. Lawgmin & M. Laskowski
Radek Lawgmin a senior QA engineer and QA lead at Cognifide. Being responsible for defining testing strategies, he ensures the product complies with industry and company standards and best practices. He has 15 years of professional experience in the fields of IT in local and international projects holding various roles (7 years in AEM projects, before engaged in various e-learning projects). His special expertise includes process optimization and software test efficiency vs. effectiveness.

Maciej Laskowski a principal software engineer at Cognifide. His interests and experience are focused mainly on the area of system integration, scalability and backend web development. He has worked at Cognifide for over five years and has more than 9 years of professional IT experience. Currently he is fascinated with reactive programming, RxJava and lightweight micro-services architectures. He is also an architect and a technical leader in the AET project and open-source active contributor.
Speech title: Automated Regression Testing with AET in continuous delivery

During the presentation Radek and Maciej will talk about CD in projects realized by Cognifide. They will talk about problems and how they managed to solve them with open-source automation tools. What is it about? Testing a site for common errors and tracking visual changes throughout its development may turn out to be a key aspect of continuous software delivery lifecycle. Moreover, regression testing across a range of environments in short cycles is expensive and time-consuming. It turns out that you can improve the quality of your site and at the same make your development process more efficient and cheaper. How? Just automate your regression (visual comparison and page health checks) with AET, an open-source selenium-based testing tool for everyone, no matter if you are a QA engineer, a developer or a content author! AET allows for automated change supervision by comparing the actual version of your site (visual and source regression) to its pattern approved before by the user along with its validation against accessibility and W3C guidelines and testing status codes for HTTP responses. The tool has been used in various projects realized at Cognifide and our clients for over 8 years and it went open source 3 years ago. During the lecture Radek and Maciej will take you on a journey through test automation experiences showing: - how easy you can launch automated tests for your pages with AET, - how quickly you can analyze their results, - how aptly you can identify issues related to them, - benefits of the implementation of AET in various projects realized at Cognifide. Who is it for? - QAs, developers, content authors and others engaged in web software and content delivery What will you learn from it? - how to improve your CD processes - how to automate your regression testing with open source tools - how to make your regression testing more effective
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