Rick Tracy
Agile Coach / Test Consultant
I am an avid test philosopher, constantly digging into themes and activities in testing. With a background in retail, banking, medicine, psychology and of course information technology, I enjoy exploring how all converge in new experiences and scintillating debate. Whether as a tester, manager, pathfinder, scrummaster or coach, I always find myself drawn to the wild open exchange of ideas and techniques in any testing event.

When not at work I enjoy spending time with my newborn twin boys, my wife and my cats, or settling in for a good reading or writing session. Come talk to me about anything!

Biggest Achievement: Designing the testing strategy for an entire IT department of 300+ people, and having it actually work ;-)

Fun Fact: "I am a classically trained swordfighter, and enjoy teaching others the unique exercises and competitions which come with that.

Speech title: Robopsychology

You hear a lot about Artificial Intelligence and AI testing lately, but how much do we actually know about the product we are analyzing? Join me in this session as we discuss the nature, purpose, operating and quirks of Artificial Intelligence systems and a unique, neuropsychological way of testing them now and in the future. Be sure to bring a curious mind, questions about AI work in general and a sense of humor as we explore the Robopsychology of AI!  
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