Ron Werner
Team Lead Agile & Mobile Testing at QualityMinds
After intense experiences with the C64 and Amiga 500 in his youth, it was crystal clear to Ron that he would start his professional career in IT. Ron joined the early days of Internet and so got into programming websites in early 2000. Ever since university, he then served in various technical IT roles - which even brought him to Japan - and finally, he found his passion in software testing. A QA professional for over 10 years, Ron is specialising in mobile and web testing. Engaged as Test Lead for a large international software provider for the construction industry, he successfully established agile testing teams in Germany and the UK, created E2E web and app automation frameworks and excelled as a group-wide internal test consultant. In 2016 he joined QualityMinds, an international IT Quality Consultancy in Munich. His current role is Team Lead Agile & Mobile Testing. Assets Ron cultivated over time are vast experience in mobile, web and API testing, delivering automation projects, and running workshops. He's a keynote speaker and has contributed talks on Mobile Testing topics at international testing conferences and meetups. His latest interests are IoT and Machine Learning/AI in Testing. Luckily life's not all about work - Ron loves mountain biking, climbing and skiing, as well as spending quality time (thoroughly offline) with his wife and three sons.

Speech title: The X Factor

In the keynote Ron will shed light on manual testing, automation and AI and what it means for converging industries. Will the human factor in software quality soon be a deprecated feature, surpassed by technology?

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