Tom van de Ven
Leader of High Tech Competence Center at Sogeti
Tom van de Ven is 15 years active in the field of High Tech testing. As a High Tech test expert he is a frequently asked sparring partner for Sogeti High Tech customers with regard to test projects. He is author of the books IoTMap and Testing in the digital age. Being a member of SogetiLabs and an ambassador for SPIRIT within the Sogeti group, he is a recognized international authority on IoT and High Tech testing.

Besides a multitude of test assignments (i.e. in the field of healthcare, semiconductors, agriculture, automotive) he is the leader of the Sogeti High Tech Competence Centre and a regular speaker on international seminars. You can find regular publications and blogs on the SogetiLabs platform. Tom uses his experience in a role as a coach for High Tech test engineers and is constantly looking for improvements in High Tech test methodologies. He also teaches and develops a wide variety of testing courses in the embedded and high tech domain.

Testing in the digital age and how AI will make the difference.

It covers changes in testing due to ever increasing speed up of releases, exponential rise of complexity in systems to test. Testing AI and using AI to test is what helps us to work in this field. With 5 hops to go from the current state of testing, looking back, reactive testing we go to the ‘now’ with test monitoring and eventually become a test forecaster.

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