Tomasz Konieczny
Senior QA Engineer at Boldare
Currently Senior QA Engineer at Boldare responsible mainly for test automation. Interested in a wide range of QA related subjects - from test architecture to server setups. He also performs DevOps and SysOps tasks. Privately Linux user interested in open-source software and generally speaking technology. Bitcoin and Blockchain enthusiast since early 2011 - he thinks that they are among the most significant inventions of this century. Speaker at the biggest QA related conferences and events in Poland - TestWarez (twice), Quality Excites, ConSelenium and Uszanowanko Programowanko meetup.

Insecure by design

When CEO's Tesla car is parked just in front of the office and a QA is nearby, he just needs to check how "everything" works. Give him access to the car key and he can start "testing". Actually, not even a key but a mobile app that can be used instead. The Tesla app gives you access to information such as state of battery charge or the vehicle's location. It also allows you to operate the air conditioning, honk the horn, open the trunk, or even unlock and start the car. It may seem that with such great number of features available the app should be as secure as Fort Knox. Far from it!

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