Veerle Verhagen
Veerle Verhagen is a software tester with RisQIT. After getting a degree in Latin and Italian from the University of Glasgow, she taught English in Turin, Italy for a couple of years. Being someone who likes to do the unexpected, after that brief career in education she went and got a Master's in Indo-European Linguistics and then promptly turned around and switched to IT. She immediately felt at home in the software testing community, where almost everyone is even weirder than she is. When she's not at the office, you might find Veerle outside exploring hiking trails, in the kitchen testing stew recipes, or at metal festivals applying her socialising skills. You can reach her at or see what she's up to on Twitter by following @witchofthetest.

Speech title: Avengers assemble: no superhero can save the world alone!

A few years ago, the London Metropolitan Police's Twitter account was hacked. To the investigators involved, it seemed impossible to find the culprits. However, a fairly large group of people with a specific skill could have solved the mystery in a few minutes, and indeed, one person actually did. So why was the London Met stuck?

Reaching out and asking for help can be tricky. We don't want to look stupid, we don't want to bother others, and sometimes we don't even realise we could use a little help. It happens to most of us. In this talk I want to show how easy it can be to fall into the trap of trying to muddle through by yourself, but also why it can be so beneficial to reach out. Most importantly, I think nobody should ever feel 'stupid' when they're working on expanding their knowledge, so I want to share some tips and tricks on how to avoid that. I will use some examples from my own journey out of the isolation of the lone tester. Are you thinking, 'We've heard all of this before, this is not new'? You're right, this topic comes up again and again. To me that only confirms how much of a problem this is. I've actively been working on this and I am still not where I want to be. But I'm getting better and so can you!  
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