Zach Attas
At his first job as a Quality Assurance Analyst, Zach decided to 'dig under the hood' and learn programming -- and soon became hooked. Now Zach is the Lead SDET at ReviewTrackers in Chicago. He runs the Selenium meetup there, and speaks at conferences where he shares his experiences of being in the trenches of test engineering. Zach’s programming knowledge comes from a random assortment of online classes, podcasts, blogposts, events, and small projects. When he’s not learning, he’s most likely taking a photography class, improv class, or cooking something yummy. You can read about Zach on his personal website, or follow him on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Speech title: Setting Your Team Up For Success So Anyone Can Understand and Write Tests.

Are you the only one contributing to your test suite, because others feel too intimidated to contribute to it? Have you ever looked at a test fail and not known where to investigate first? These things can happen when test suites become complicated and unwieldly.

In this talk, I will discuss techniques to make test suites more accessible. I’ll cover techniques to make test code easy to understand so that anyone can contribute to writing them. In addition, I’ll cover how to make test failures transparent, so anybody can triage them, and no individual has to feel the stress of triaging them. When the process of writing and triaging tests is shared, everyone has an impact on quality, and that can be quite contagious for a company's culture.

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